REVIEW The Prometheus Pocket Pipe by PYPTEK

We all know the chilling sound of cracking and breaking glass. My experience has been that most of my breakage was the result of a tip-over or a short drop from a coffee table. Sure, I’ve knocked a couple off the kitchen counter-top and had pieces crushed or broken in transit, but it’s the simple little tips and drops that have done the most damage.

The glass Prometheus Pocket Pipe parts would probably not withstand a drop from a hot air balloon or being thrown from a moving vehicle but the aircraft grade aluminum exoskeleton can save you grief in quite a few less extreme situations. Because the glass pathway and bowl pieces are held snuggly within the exoskeleton by shock absorbing rubber gaskets the Pocket Pipe has an added advantage over an unprotected glass piece. 

The all glass path of the Pocket Pipe hits nice and smooth while preserving the taste of the smoke. The convenient carb helps the Pocket Pipe deliver a bigger hit than expected. The large glass bowl piece makes this pipe great for sharing and the silicone Save A Bowl band makes it a truly pocketable pipe.

Not only is this pipe aesthetically pleasing with a good substantial feel of quality, but the well thought out engineering is obvious. The Pocket Pipe disassembles quickly for easy cleaning and the easy to clean or replace screen is positioned precisely to not only to keep burning embers out of your mouth but also to keep the screen away from the flame preserving taste and enjoyment.

The Prometheus Pocket pipe is available in five colors (Black, Blue, Green, Red and Purple) with several choices of concentrate attachments. You might as well go to and check out all the accessories like Titanium nails and Oil kits.

The Prometheus Titan, Pocket Pipe and Nano are all Proudly made in the U.S.A. and are available online at WickiePipes and Get 10% OFF All Pyptek Pipes with Code MRSTINKYS

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Elevate Accessories 10% OFF w/Code MRSTINKYS
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