Native Roots Packages all Cannabis with Boveda

Since October 2016, 100% of the flower sold at Native Roots includes a Boveda in every container. 

A new movement in cannabis storage has begun. 

Boveda’s patented 2-way precision humidity control adds or removes 100% pure water vapor -- as needed -- to maintain the ideal moisture content in cannabis. The result? 15% higher terpene retention, safer, more effective flower and elimination of money lost to evaporation. 

Why would a recognized leader do this? 
Leaders lead. 

Native Roots felt a duty to provide safer flower at a higher quality by packaging with Boveda. This trusted organization was not satisfied letting their exceptional flower decay on the shelf as it slowly dried out. Boveda in every container means their flower is still curing on the shelf as it patiently waits for you to come grab it.

To find out more about how Boveda lets you cure on the shelf visit this page. Or jump right to the Native Roots store locator to find the closest of 17 locations near you. 

Learn More about Proper Storage with Boveda 
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Or Buy Direct at the Boveda Online Shop

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