Is your Dispensary Curing on the Shelf?

Or is their Cannabis Decaying on the Shelf?

Did you know Curing is the most critical part of cannabis cultivation?

Curing is another term for aging. After hang drying, a cultivator introduces cannabis to a container, ideally at a stable humidity lever, for a time between a couple of weeks to a few months.

A proper cure is essential for maximum patient safety, maximum quality (color, aroma, flavor) and maximum therapeutic benefits.

The thing is, few cultivators/dispensaries cure properly because demand is so high. They can easily provide dam good cannabis now at the expense of providing really outstanding cannabis later. There's a growing number of them now curing on the shelf by packaging cannabis with the world's only precision 2-way humidity control - Boveda. Is your favorite dispensary doing it?

With Boveda everywhere cannabis is present, we're adding and removing moisture to maintain a stable humidity level at the perfect curing humidity. That means your cannabis retains 15% more terpenes - the beneficial compounds you are buying it for. So instead of cannabis losing quality on the shelf, Boveda in the containers is curing it - making it better.

Cultivators/Packagers/Processors across the country are starting to cure on the shelf with Boveda. If they're not already, ask your favorite dispensary when they're gonna start!

Originally posted on the Boveda Blog

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