REVIEW The PILOT Concentrate Vaporizer

The Randy’s PILOT is a compact, ceramic chamber electric nail that can be used as a vaporizer or portable nail. The PILOT heats to 480º F in 4 seconds, reaches 750º F in 13 seconds and has an auto shut-off at 20 seconds to avoid combustion and burning.

The PILOT is compact at under 5 inches in length and fits easily into a pocket or purse. The PILOT also provides all day performance with a long life battery.

The PILOT cleans up real easy. I use the recommended Randy’s Black Label cleaner but your regular and trusted solution should work fine as well. Simply dampen a cotton swab with cleaner solution and wipe the inside of the glass and the ceramic chamber. Rinse the glass by holding under running water and swab out the ceramic chamber with a paper towel dampened with water and drip dry.

Be sure that breaking or losing any piece of your PILOT would be annoying but getting a replacement part won't be. All of the PILOT parts are available individually on the Randy’s online store.

Best of all, the Randy’s PILOT is a convenient no-nonsense concentrate vaporizer as well a ceramic chamber portable electric dab rig. Load up your concentrate, affix the standard glass mouthpiece and vape away. Otherwise, you can attach the Open Top Glass dab attachment , gather up a nice dab on the included dab tool, place your dab in the chamber, cover with the carb cap and enjoy.

Versatile, convenient, easy to clean, carries discreetly and having our friends at Randy’s to back it all up makes for a winning combination.

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