Bees making Cannahoney from Marijuana Resin

A French beekeeper, who goes by the name of Nicolas Trainer, has kept the cannabis community buzzing with excitement since his announcement he'd trained his bees to produce honey out of resin from marijuana plants.
For the last couple of the years, the beekeeper has been working to combine his strong advocacy for marijuana use with his profession in beekeeping. Prior to his recent discovery, Nicolas had trained his bees to collect sugar from fruit instead of flowers, which is when he realized he needed to develop training technique to encourage his bees to collect resin and create honey from it.  

Nicolas became a heavy supporter of cannabis after he realized it could help him cope with his hyperactive condition, which plagued him throughout his time as a young student and eventually caused him to drop out of school. And so, he decided to combine the numerous health benefits contained in both honey and marijuana to create the sweet “cannahoney”.

Not only is a cannabis-honey fusion promising for human use, it’s also completely harmless for the hardworking bees, who aren’t affected by the cannabinoids due to their lack of having an endocannabinoid system (which Nicolas proved after two years of research).

According to Nicolas, the bees will work diligently with any strain, and though efficient testing hasn’t been done to show how efficient his “cannahoney” is in a medicinal light, it’s eventual success could make it the first-ever all-natural cannabis edible on the market!

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