CVault and Boveda for the Best Curing and Storage of MMJ

What do you get when put a world-class stainless steel container together with the world's only 2-way humidity control? C-Vault, powered by Boveda. And now Boveda is excited to announce you can now conveniently order C-Vault directly from Boveda!

C-Vault is made from durable stainless steel in a variety of sizes and include a nifty slot under the lid specifically to hold the Boveda. A silicone ring ensures an incredibly tight seal of the lid to the body, maximizing the life of the Boveda inside to keep your flower in perfect condition for months.

C-Vaults have proven very popular for curing and storage by some of the most recognized cultivators in the business.

C-Vault is available in four sizes ranging from .75 to 2 Liters at the Boveda online store.

Buy Direct at the Boveda

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