Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Retains 15% More Terpenes for Cannabis, Research Reveals

Boveda, developer of the only patented two-way moisture management system, recently completed testing to determine its product’s effectiveness in retaining terpenes for cannabis. 

Conducted by Excelsior Analytical Labs in Union City, Cali., the six-week test involved placing a Girl Scout Cookie strain of cannabis in two sealed glass mason jars: one with a Boveda 62% 8-gram pouch inside and one without. The jars were gently shaken each week to simulate the action that might happen within a processing facility. 

At the end of six weeks, the cannabis with Boveda retained 15 percent more terpene than the jar without Boveda. The results demonstrate that even in great packaging/containers that hold in moisture, the indispensable therapeutic terpenes are micro-evaporating into the container’s head space (the air inside) – and even faster if Boveda isn’t in there providing precise, active humidity control and slowing their loss. 

Boveda VP of Research Robert L. Esse and Boveda Chief Chemist Robert L. Esse. David Egberg say this is just the first of more world’s-first testing. In fact, another study is currently underway to determine how Boveda formulas containing an integrated oxygen scavenger will perform over a longer term. The company expects that less oxygen will mean even more.

This post was originally posted on the Boveda blog

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