Transformer Tubes at the Champs Trade Show Las Vegas Feb 2016

Transformer Tubes are a family of interchangeable modules that can be assembled to create many different combinations of smoking pipes and hookahs. By utilizing a standard interface, every module can associate with every other module via male and female threads.

By splitting the smoking device into multiple components, Transformer Tubes are able to solve several shortcomings of the one and two piece pipes/hookahs.

• Each module can be disassembled from the other modules, and are sufficiently sized to be filled under a faucet or safely drained.

• Transformer Tubes implement a modular design, so replacing a broken module is far cheaper than purchasing an entirely new pipe.

 • You are able to quickly and efficiently “break down” your hookah or pipe into disassembled modules for transportation ease and security.

• Modularization allows for easy cleaning of all parts

• Transformer Tubes are 1/5th the weight of their glass counterparts.

• Because the modules are made out of plastic, they are far more durable than glass.

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Twitter: @TransformerTube

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