REVIEW The Vape710

The Vape710 is truly unique. The combination of a portable charging station and the two cigarette sized vaporizers make the Vape710 not only one-of-a-kind but also quite practical and convenient to use.

The charging station case insures all day vaping and also provides protection for the vaporizers. You no longer have to worry about breaking your vape pen in your pocket or when it falls over on your desk. The charging station case carries enough power to get you thru any day. While testing the Vape710, I went two days of regular and continuous use without charging and only plugged it in because I didn’t know if it would make it thru a third day. Considering the fact that I haven’t charged it since, leads me to believe it probably would have been just fine for the extra day.

The main benefit is the two separate vaporizers. You can have one vaporizer loaded with the fun stuff and the second loaded up with any e-juice or some CBD oil to help you kick that cigarette habit or have a separate medicinal therapy at the ready.

The size of the individual vaporizer is a hair thicker than a regular cigarette and slightly longer than a King and shorter than a 100. There are no buttons or switches because the vaporizer is activated by inhaling with the same draw as a cigarette. The wicks are at the very bottom of the cartridge and situated to get the last drop and waste nothing.

The last benefit I want to mention is that using a vaporizer the size of a cigarette is very convenient when you are trying to be discreet. The instant on when you draw operation means that you need only duck out of view for a moment to enjoy.

Overall I give the Vape710 high marks for being unique, discreet, convenient to use and always ready to go.

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