Eyce Mold at the Champs Trade Show Las Vegas Feb 2016

The Eyce Mold 2.0 gives you a new level of freedom and benefits that has never been reached with any smoking device before it. Creating your own water pipe at home is the ultimate advancement in clean, crisp, endless cold smoke. 

Eyce Mold's offer all the benefits of glass, without the worry of breaking. One investment gives you water pipes for life. Our product even includes a lifetime warranty! Never worry about the drunk person at the party or your dogs wagging tail breaking your water pipe again. In fact, you can just shatter your water pipe for fun!

Eyce has eliminated the dirty gross water pipe, no more stinky water pipes around your house. Eyce Water Pipes are always fresh and always clean. Making a new Eyce Pipe is far easier than cleaning a dirty glass piece. The process always involves fresh clean water rather than a nasty alcohol, salt, resin mess. Also, by purchasing additional accessories you give yourself the ability to always have a fresh back-up pipe ready to go with no wait for freezing.

Easy to travel with! Evidence just melts away...

Scientifically proven to be the coldest smoke on the market! On average, the Eyce 2.0 delivers a smoke that is about 10-15 degrees Celsius colder than a glass water pipe with ice cubes.

On top of all that it's fun! 

More at: EyceMolds.com

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