REVIEW The Stiletto Oil Vaporizer

The Stiletto vaporizer is best described as simple to use and always at the ready.

The best part of the Stiletto design is the only on when you are drawing on it feature. This feature removes the need for buttons, saves the battery and keeps the vaporizer charged and at the ready.

I was impressed that such a simple and inexpensive oil vaporizer would be so easy to use while delivering a great hit. Normally, I like to cycle thru a couple charges when I review vaporizers but I was unable to kill the battery, even after a week of checking this one out. The red LED lights shine when the heat is on and they look kinda cool when you’re relaxing in a dark place.

The Stiletto is available at for less than $25 and the atomizer tip can be replaced for under $10 making the Stiletto a very inexpensive way to get a lot of enjoyment out of your favorite strain of oil.

The Stiletto kit comes with a Carry Case, USB Charger, the Battery/Stylus base and the Atomizer with Metal Mouthpiece.

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