TRAVEL TIP Flying with your MMJ

If you consume cannabis, the question of flying with your stash has surely crossed your mind. Understandably so, many people use cannabis as medicine and would never consider leaving home without it. But do you dare try to sneak through the ever-scruitnous TSA security checkpoint with an ounce of Bubba Kush? The simple answer: it’s still illegal to fly with cannabis domestically, but you probably won’t get caught. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that. The answer depends on where you’re flying, how much cannabis you intend to carry, and how much risk you want to assume. By following our guide below, you can ensure you always have cannabis when traversing the country.

Before we proceed, lets clear up a common misconception – TSA officers are not cops. They do security work, but their job is not to enforce the law. What about the canines? Those are likely bomb dogs, as opposed to drug dogs, if you’re in the domestic terminal. Note: This pertains to domestic travel only! We do not recommend flying with cannabis internationally as the laws in other countries can be drastically different. For international travel, focus on consumption before takeoff.

The TSA has also publicly stated on its website that its officers “do not search for marijuana or other drugs,” but warns that its agents are required to turn over those found with cannabis or other drugs to local law enforcement (aka the cops). That said, your departure city and destination are important as they will dictate the laws you are subject to if you were to get caught. Because cannabis is illegal nationally, the federal legality will not change with location. However, you will be subject to the individual state’s laws and the airport’s laws, if applicable.

The amount of cannabis you can fly with is directly linked to your departing state’s possession limits. For example, if you are flying out of a state with legal cannabis programs, you can fly with an amount up to that state’s legal medical and/or recreational limit. Just be aware that if you land in a state with less friendly cannabis laws, you are still at risk of being charged with possession.

If you are flying from a state where cannabis remains illegal and you are dead set on flying, try to keep quantities under your state’s lowest tier possession limit. As a general rule of thumb, both TSA and local law enforcement offices are going to be less concerned if you are traveling with an amount of cannabis that is clearly for personal use as opposed to a weight viable for distribution.

There is no perfect combination of itinerary and cannabis quantity that will guarantee a risk free flight. However, you can mitigate your risk of getting caught by flying with small amounts of cannabis discreetly. This means ensuring that pungent smells aren’t emanating from your bag – stick to airtight storage containers or vacuum sealed bags.

On the off chance TSA decides to check your bag because you forgot to remove your pocketknife, it helps if the cannabis and other accessories are stored out of sight; we recommend a discreet solution like the Safety Case as opposed to a plastic bag.

For those struggling with nerves, either consume before the flight or try packing a small amount into your checked luggage instead your carry-on bag. Checked bags are searched less frequently and when they are, the search is not as extensive as the searches conducted on carry-on bags.

Another way to mitigate risk is to fly with edibles as they are virtually indistinguishable from their un-infused counterparts and produce very little odor. One alternative to flying with cannabis altogether, is buying it when you arrive at your destination. However, this will only be feasible if flying to a state with recreational and/or medical programs. Fly safe and let us know where your travels take you!

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