REVIEW the GeniusPipe

The manufacturers of the GeniusPipe make some pretty big claims and promises when promoting the GeniusPipe. “Coolest pipe on the market”, “Easy to clean” and “Cough free”.

The timing of this review could not be more convenient. My GeniusPipe arrived a couple of days before a long trip thru the NE to visit friends and family. The trip gave me the opportunity to do some “show and tell” and testing with my fellow enthusiasts.

Early on in the trip a couple friends pointed out some things that I didn’t notice. The first thing is that even though I had already realized that the sliding cover was perfect for extinguishing the flame, the sliding cover also provided the opportunity for some easy bowl cornering. When I first checked out the GeniusPipe I thought that the bowl might be too small and shallow but I quickly realized that the sliding cover aides conservation to the point that a little goes a long long way.

The “coolest pipe…” claim can be confirmed on the first try. The dimples within the pipe certainly do their job and deliver on the cool hit promise from the first to the last hit. I also noticed that the cooling effect helped bring out the taste that is usually lost in the heat.

While visiting Martha’s Vineyard, a friend of mine had some Orange Crush, a strain native to the Vineyard. Even though my GeniusPipe was less than clean, the cooling effect gave me the opportunity to get a really good taste. Sure enough, the Orange Crush had a flavor that was a near perfect match to that first sip of a nice cold Orange Crush soda.

Over the course of my 2,000+ mile tour, I had to clean my GeniusPipe several times. All I can say is that it is super simple to clean. A little bit (maybe 1 ounce) of alcohol and a paper towel and your done.

The final promise is “Cough free”. Once you realize that you need only to gently inhale to get a nice hit and see that there is no need to create any suction, you see that this pipe performs as promised.

All in all the GeniusPipe delivers on every promise and claim. If you are looking for something new for you collection, you will not be disappointed. If you are searching for a super cool gift for your favorite stoner, this is a gift you can give with great confidence.

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