The RING My Favorite Stoner Gadget

Who’s at the door?

Rather a simple question to answer. Just put down the blunt and go see. Perfect timing, your house is full of aromatic billows of smoke and you really don’t want to swing the door open to just anybody.

Maybe you’re waiting for that special package and would rather not have it sitting in front of the house all day but got stuff to do.

Or, better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little warning when you have friends and family that just pop by?

Have you just missed something by a couple of minutes and if you had just been home…?

There are really quite a few good reasons to have a RING doorbell.

Just connect the RING to your existing doorbell as a power source or mount it in the middle of your front door using the rechargeable battery and you now have a motion detecting doorbell that broadcasts audio and video to any smart phone or mobile device connected to the cellular network. There is even a service where all of your RING video is stored for easy access later whether you answer the notification or not.

You can see, hear and respond back to friend or foe at your door from anywhere. A little white lie or two and you wouldn’t have to leave the couch. You will know when that special package hits the welcome mat and those surprise visits will come with a little warning.

Be safe and secure and one step ahead at all times.

Check it out at

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