REVIEW The WickiePipe Lighter Original

The WickiePipe Lighter had my interest right out of the box. I immediately noticed that the weight and feel was much more substantial than I expected. Having only seen catalog photos and a demonstration video, I expected something with more of a plastic feel.

The only thing I needed to do was adjust the flame and the WickiePipe Lighter was ready to go. All in all it is not unlike smoking out of any other pipe but you can’t beat having that lighter at the ready. The bowl lid not only acts like a blast shield in the “up” position but also as a snuffer to quiet the embers quickly. There is even a little bit of storage on board for when your away from home base.

There are certainly quite a few situations where the WickiePipe Lighter would come in real handy. It would be a great little tool when you are at a social function and need to steal away for a quick one. A big convenience when your out on the golf links “looking for your ball” with no time to fumble with a pipe and a lighter and your club and so on. But the ultimate and highest use has to be a chair lift hanging over the side of some mountain. One hand to block the wind and one to manage the lighter click. Problem solved.

All-in-all, the WickiePipe Lighter is an all around clever pipe with the cool factor but it also has some real practical applications. It would certainly be a great gift for the stoner who has everything or something that would certainly help round out your own collection.

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