REVIEW The Black Rock Originals Safety Case

The fine folks at Black Rock Originals claim that their Safety Case is smell proof and ready for all weather use and abuse.

“Smell Proof” is a pretty high bar and tough to test. I figured my best test subjects, just might be, my mom’s big dog and her happy little kitten.

With both subjects, I tested the Safety Case with treats on board along with a couple of treat laden toys and a paper bag with treats inside.

To be honest, I didn’t think the Safety Case would hide anything from pro-level noses but both passed on the case until I unzipped it about half way. At that point the Safety Case got some good impromptu abuse and survived no worse for the wear.

The Safety Case is not water proof. It didn’t keep the contents dry when it was submitted to the 5 Mississippi dunk test. However, when I left it outside in the rain overnight, the contents stayed bone dry.

All in All, the Black Rock Originals Safety Case does not disappoint. The Safety Case would make a great gift for yourself or your favorite stoner.

The Black Rock Originals Safety Case comes in black with a choice of four emblem colors and ships empty or stocked. The stocked version comes with: Two medical grade Pebble containers, One stainless steel grinder card, Two packs of rolling papers in two different sizes and One Black Rock lighter.

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