REVIEW The WickiePipe Lighter Original

The WickiePipe Lighter had my interest right out of the box. I immediately noticed that the weight and feel was much more substantial than I expected. Having only seen catalog photos and a demonstration video, I expected something with more of a plastic feel.

The only thing I needed to do was adjust the flame and the WickiePipe Lighter was ready to go. All in all it is not unlike smoking out of any other pipe but you can’t beat having that lighter at the ready. The bowl lid not only acts like a blast shield in the “up” position but also as a snuffer to quiet the embers quickly. There is even a little bit of storage on board for when your away from home base.

There are certainly quite a few situations where the WickiePipe Lighter would come in real handy. It would be a great little tool when you are at a social function and need to steal away for a quick one. A big convenience when your out on the golf links “looking for your ball” with no time to fumble with a pipe and a lighter and your club and so on. But the ultimate and highest use has to be a chair lift hanging over the side of some mountain. One hand to block the wind and one to manage the lighter click. Problem solved.

All-in-all, the WickiePipe Lighter is an all around clever pipe with the cool factor but it also has some real practical applications. It would certainly be a great gift for the stoner who has everything or something that would certainly help round out your own collection.

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REVIEW The Black Rock Originals Safety Case

The fine folks at Black Rock Originals claim that their Safety Case is smell proof and ready for all weather use and abuse.

“Smell Proof” is a pretty high bar and tough to test. I figured my best test subjects, just might be, my mom’s big dog and her happy little kitten.

With both subjects, I tested the Safety Case with treats on board along with a couple of treat laden toys and a paper bag with treats inside.

To be honest, I didn’t think the Safety Case would hide anything from pro-level noses but both passed on the case until I unzipped it about half way. At that point the Safety Case got some good impromptu abuse and survived no worse for the wear.

The Safety Case is not water proof. It didn’t keep the contents dry when it was submitted to the 5 Mississippi dunk test. However, when I left it outside in the rain overnight, the contents stayed bone dry.

All in All, the Black Rock Originals Safety Case does not disappoint. The Safety Case would make a great gift for yourself or your favorite stoner.

The Black Rock Originals Safety Case comes in black with a choice of four emblem colors and ships empty or stocked. The stocked version comes with: Two medical grade Pebble containers, One stainless steel grinder card, Two packs of rolling papers in two different sizes and One Black Rock lighter.

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MMJ SURVEY Medicinal Marijuana may be the best treatment for Fibromyalgia

The survey, conducted online, asked more than 1,300 patients with the chronic pain disorder to rate the effectiveness of treatments that they’ve tried. Medical marijuana was compared with the only three drugs approved by the FDA for fibromyalgia: Savella, Lyrica and Cymbalta.

Just 8% of patients that tried Cymbalta and 10% that tried Lyrica or Savella found the drugs to be “very effective” for managing symptoms of the disorder.

For each of the three drugs, over 60% of patients reported that it “does not help at all.”

On the other hand, 62% of patients who tried medical marijuana found it to be “very effective.” Another 33% said it “helps a little,” and only 5% felt that using cannabis for fibromyalgia “does not help at all.”

“I’ve found nothing that has worked for me, apart from marijuana,” explained one patient in the survey. “Nothing but medical marijuana has made the greatest dent in the pain and mental problems,” wrote another.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects 2-4% of the population, predominately females. But while scientists still puzzle over the true cause of fibromyalgia, the latest findings shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

In a 2011 study conducted by Spanish researchers, patients who used cannabis showed improvements in pain, stiffness, relaxation and perception of well-being.

“The use of cannabis was associated with beneficial effects on some fibromyalgia symptoms,” noted the authors.
Likewise, a 2012 survey found that 1 in 8 Canadians living with fibromyalgia relies on marijuana to cope with their symptoms.

“We think that there’s probably a role for that class of compounds, the cannabinoids in general,” explains Dr. Mark Ware, associate professor of anesthesia at McGill University and co-author of the Canadian survey. “It’s just a question of working out how that’s going to be put into practice,” he adds.

An earlier study by Dr. Ware and his team revealed that nabilone, a pill containing marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, could help fibromyalgia sufferers sleep better. Nabilone has also been shown to reduce pain and improve quality of life scores in patients with the disorder.

Still, some patients prefer natural cannabis over synthetic versions, which are known to have more potent side effects.

via: Leaf Science

Cannabis Ruderalis Explained

Many cannabis consumers and laypeople are familiar with sativa and indica, the two species (or sub-species, for those keeping score) that compose the dual world of marijuana. Sativas, the more rare species, convey an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high that is good for those suffering from depression and PTSD, whereas the more common indica delivers a solid body buzz, pain relief, and the munchies and is good for insomnia, arthritis, and those undergoing cancer treatment.

What many don’t realize is that there’s a third cannabis cousin typically not considered by patients and cultivators: Ruderalis. Hailing from Central and Southeastern Russia, this variety produces poor yields and contains little THC, giving it no value on the black market. It can be found today throughout China and Russia.

Ruderalis is the most hardy type of cannabis, however, able to withstand conditions in the northern Himalayas region and southern states of the former Soviet Union that would kill sativa and indica strains. The word “ruderalis” is derived from “ruderal,” a botanical term used to describe hardy, non-domesticated plants, including weeds.

Cannabis ruderalis was first discovered in 1924 by Russian botanist D.E. Janischevsky, who was studying cannabis along the Volga River. What makes ruderalis special is its ability to autoflower. Unlike sativa and indica strains, which require a change in light cycles to bring on the flowering stage of the plant, ruderalis needs no such illuminatory nudging. It does not grow wild at latitudes south of 50 degrees north of the equator.

Good Source of CBD


The recent focus on tinctures and other medical cannabis preparations high in CBD and low in THC — perfect for treating conditions like childhood epilepsy — has renewed the focus of many gardeners on ruderalis. Strains low in THC are being embraced for their ability to deliver the efficacy of cannabis without the psychoactivity provided by THC.

According to celebrated California cannabis author and entrepreneur Ed Rosenthal:

“The high from ruderalis is more of a zoom that quickly descends into a headache. Hybrids and cross breeding, on the other hand, often produce a very respectable high.”

Although many label ruderalis a species or sub-species of cannabis, a 2005 study found little genetic justification for considering this odd man out of the marijuana world a separate species. Some researchers and breeders believe ruderalis to itself be an ancient hybrid of indica and sativa genetics.

Hydroponics 101

Growing marijuana traditionally in soil works fine, but it’s messy, high maintenance and it limits your ability to hide the smell. Marijuana plants come with a pungent odor and most of the time, growers don’t want their house to smell like a kingpin’s headquarters. Even just a couple of plants can come with an overwhelming smell. Instead, growers should consider using hydroponics systems, which offers a soil free method of growing that’s low maintenance and can be easily concealed inside a grow box, grow tent, or any other secluded environment. It’s great for growing in closets and small environments, or even basements and big open spaces.

Growers can use complex setups such as a grow tent with an intake fan and outtake fan that runs the air through a carbon filter. The air absolutely must be exhausted out of the grow tent in order to keep the temperature just right and the grow conditions ideal. Carbon filters are the most effective solution for eliminating the smell before it gets to the open air.

Getting started with hydroponics is far from easy, as it has a much steeper learning curve than traditional soil growing. However, once the grower is experienced and familiar with hydroponics, it requires far less maintenance and very rarely will the plants need to be checked on. Hydroponic systems use a reservoir of nutrient enhanced water to supply the plants with the nutrients they need to grow. This allows the plants to grow without soil. Soil’s not actually needed, it just provides the right environment for the nutrients to get to the roots. Hydroponic systems reinvented the way we grow crops and are even playing a role in organic gardening for fruits and vegetables.

Hydroponics comes down to two basic tasks: making sure the pH level in the water reservoir is correct and making sure you have added the right amount of nutrients to the water. These are two tasks that you will do often in the beginning. It’s recommended that you do this daily to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes with your first grow.

It’s as if hydroponics didn’t already have enough to convince growers it’s the ideal way to grow their plants, because it also provides faster grow times and higher yields. If you want to grow your medical marijuana plants up to 3X faster than how long it would take growing in soil, and if you’re excited about your plants producing better yields than soil grown plants, then hydroponics is for you. Most growers report significantly faster and better yielding crops when using hydroponic systems.  

by: Marijuana Growers Headquarters

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