Review: Roll-uh-Bowl / What I thought was a gimmick turned out to be much more.

What I thought was a gimmick turned out to be much more.

One major selling point for the Roll-uh-Bowl is the fact that it is indestructible, something I put to the test immediately. After throwing it around the room, freezing it and leaving it in my hot car for hours, nothing phased this thing. Unless you are maliciously attacking this thing with a sharp object, it will last a lifetime.

Of course, during and between the testing, “performance” and “usability” were checked frequently.

Instead of rendering my own solitary opinion and with the help of Roll-uh-Bowl, I was able to put the RuB in the hands of several lucky friends and family. They, in turn, shared the RuB in their own circles. They tested the RuB dry, with water and with a water/ice mix and shared their experiences with me.

The Verdict

Portability and ease of use made this a fan favorite. Some of my more outdoorsy buddies were sold immediately because it makes a perfect camping/hiking bong.

The ability to roll it up and throw it in your backpack without having to worry about breaking something puts this water pipe head and shoulders above the rest. If you prefer using pipes or bongs and are often on the go, this is a must-have piece for your collection.

The Roll-uh-Bowl won’t replace your coffee table rig, but it’s not meant to. The flexible silicon makes it indestructible, but it makes it difficult to take a big haul. The vacuum will collapse the walls, potentially giving you a mouthful of bong-water. I would recommend taking nice slow rips, a good practice regardless of your smoking device.

As far as clean-up, the Roll-uh-Bowl wins again. You can either clean it up with a sponge, some dish soap and warm water or throw it in your dishwasher. The alloy bowl is like any other, a bit of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip will have it shiny and new in no-time.

My glass water pipe will certainly get more day to day use, but having the Roll-uh-Bowl is an absolute life-saver for camping trips and outdoor tokes.

Check it out for yourself at WickiePipes. If you want one for yourself or are looking for a cool gift, use Promo Code: MRSTINKYS for 10% OFF all orders.

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