REVIEW the CloudV Phantom Herbal Vaporizer with Aqua Bubbler

For years, I have been trying out herbal vaporizers, of all kinds, owned and shared by friends. I have tried some pretty flimsy hand held vapes as well as some table top models with and without that big balloon. I never got one for myself because I didn’t like the hot dry hit. I would spend more time coughing than enjoying. That is why I was so intrigued by the Aqua Bubbler that CloudV sent along with the review unit.

For the purpose of the review, I tried the Phantom without the bubbler for a couple of weeks and with the Aqua Bubbler for a couple more.

Simple, Efficient and Portable.

The Phantom by CloudV is simple in design with quick loading, three click start and easy temperature selection. The unit is power efficient with an auto-shutoff and takes a little herb a long way. This vaporizer is certainly portable, because of it’s size but more importantly, it is easy to clean it to new. With no “left overs” stuck around, I have no problem packing it in checked luggage.

Cool and Smooth

The Aqua Bubbler is what made the Phantom the new regular tool in the box. The bubbler delivers nice cool draws every time. I leave the bubble filled, chilling and at the ready in the fridge. When I don’t feel like rolling one up or breaking out any ice cubes, the Phantom with that Aqua Bubbler is the way to go.

Check the Phantom and The Aqua Bubbler by CloudV

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