My first impression as I removed the bud of Mr. Nice Guy from the vial was,"Damn, THAT'S frosty!"

Beneath the thick coating of trichomes, I saw an explosion of color: lime green buds with bluish purple calixes and flame red hairs! It's smell is both floral and herbal, like lavender and camomile.

This bud was well cured and manicured. After I had slowly peeled apart a piece from the main nug, it's stickiness really impressed me- as I broke it up in my bowl, the bud had a velcro-like quality!

The smoke is earthy, with floral overtones that make it very mild and savory. With the first hit comes an almost immediate, warm, smiling rush. It's definitely not a "couch-lock" strain- it's effects are almost energizing!

Locally this is a $20/gm or $50/8th product, and in my opinion is a great choice for a Sativa-dominant hybrid!

Mikey Pman

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