LET'S TOKE ABOUT IT Funny Movie Clip about Weed

Let’s Toke About It is an ensemble comedy that explores the human experience with pot from the perspectives of teenagers, parents, grandparents, dealers, and more.  It is a film that shows you, it doesn’t matter what your smoking, it’s who you’re smoking with.

The format of the film is a comedy with five stories that intercut.  The stories include: a group of 14-year-olds trying weed for the first time, an overworked mom who smokes her son’s stash when she has the house to herself, an old grandfather and his grandson bond over grandpa’s medicinal marijuana, a dumped salesman moves in with his burnout high school friends and lastly, a suburban drug dealer’s first day on the job.

Let's Toke About It: The Mothers Story from Joel Ashton McCarthy Media on Vimeo.

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