MMJ Make your own THC Pills

We all know smoking is bad right? If you don’t want to smoke and are looking for another way to get high without any of the harmful effects associated with smoking, or you need a way to get high and smoking isn’t a viable option (e.g. large events, public places, concerts etc)  then why don’t you try out these home-made THC pills? They are ridiculously easy to make…

The concept is simple – it’s a capsule filled with a mixture containing THC that’s ready to be absorbed into your system.  The dose is easy to control as well.

You will need:

1.Olive/Vegetable oil

2.Cannabis (your chosen amount)

3.Something that will grind up the cannabis

4.Heat source e.g. Stove

5.Bowl (something to mix/grind the cannabis and oil in)

6.Pill Capsules (empty some vitamin capsules out)

7.Small spoon

Everybody uses different amounts of cannabis.  As a rough guide, try making 5 capsules out of one gram of cannabis.  Non-experienced cannabis users should half this dose.

Step 1:
Get the amount of cannabis you would normally consume in a joint / bong hit – this is one dose.  We multiply to get however many doses you want to make. Each dose will be one capsule.

Step 2:
Put your finely ground herbs into a bowl and add enough oil to saturate it grind this for about a minute. Heat up a pan on the stove and transfer the mixture.

Step 3:
You’re going to want it about 120°C.  Let it heat up for 15 minutes, grinding it into a paste.

Step 4:
Let the mixture cool down.

Step 5:
Use the small spoon to transfer the mixture into the capsules. You’re good to go! Store them in the freezer.

This method of consumption is ideal for when you cannot smoke.  Remember that the way THC acts on your system when ingested is different to when smoked – it will take longer to hit you, and it may be more intense and last longer.

Source: iSmoke Magazine

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